The Highway Code

This Highway Code is issued by the Licensing Authority in accordance with Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, Section III (1) of M.V. and R.T. Act Chap. 48:50.


(Resolution passed)

A failure on the part of any person to observe any provision of Highway Code shall not of itself render that person liable to criminal proceedings of any kind, but any such failure may in any proceedings (whether civil or criminal, and including proceedings for and offence under this Act) be relied upon by any party to the proceedings as tendering to establish or to negative any liability which is in question in those proceedings. Section III (4) of the M.V. and R.T. Act Chap. 48:50.



  1. Children are in special danger, particularly those under the age of five and those who cycle. Protect them and train them in road safety.
  2. Old people may react slowly. Their difficulties are increasing with the continued growth of motor traffic. Give them great consideration.
  3. The blind also need your help. They carry White Walking Stick. Give them every consideration and assistance.
  4. Health is important. Be sure you are fit to use the road. If you are not feeling well don’t drive.Never force yourself to drive.
  5. Lights, Brakes, Steering and Tyres should be frequently checked. Lack of maintenance, may lead to accident.
  6. Alcohol, even in quite small quantities, makes you less safe on the road. The only safe rule is “if you are going to drive, don’t drink”. The same applies to drugs even if taken medicinally.
  7. If a ball appears, there’s a child, beware.