The Highway Code


  1. Make sure your cycle is safe to ride. At night you must have in front a white light visible from a reasonable distance. You must also carry in the rear a lighted lamp showing a red light, or a reflector. Your brakes must be kept in proper working order. Your tyres must be in good condition. Your cycle must be fitted with a bell to warn road users of your approach.
  2. A Police Officer in uniform is empowered, and shall be permitted by the owner or the person in charge of any cycle, to test and inspwct the brakes of a cycle when on the road. If the cycle is involved in an accident, within 48 hours the Police can carry out the inspection on any premises.
  3. No Parent, Guardian or any other person having legal custody of a child or young person below the age of 16 years shall knowingly permit such child or young person to ride on a road, a cycle which does not comply with any laws as regards the condition of the cycle.
  4. Do not learn to ride on the public road, it is dangerous. Look for a safe open space.
  5. When getting on or off do so on the left side of the cycle to avoid traffic.
  6. Do not ride abreast another cycle. Do note ride on the sidewalk or footpath. It is an offence to do so.
  7. When you are riding:
    1. Always keep both hands on the handlebar unless you are signalling.
    2. Always keep both feet on the pedals.
    3. Do not hold on to another vehicle or another cyclist.
    4. Do not carry a passenger on your cycle.
    5. Do not ride close behind another vehicle.
    6. Do not carry anything which might affect your balance or become entangled with the wheels or chain.
    7. Do not lead an animal.
    8. Wear light coloured or reflective and fluorescent clothing especially between dusk and dawn, and during inclement weather.
    9. It is an offence to ride whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.
    10. All accidents must be reported to the police immediately.
    11. Move off the street to stop, park or make repairs to your cycle.
    12. Where there is a cycle track use it.