The Highway Code


These pages deal with major points of law affecting safety on the road. For the precise wording of the law you should refer to Act 48:50 and 48:51 and the Summary Offence Act. These are indicated in the margin by the following abbreviations:-


S.O.A. Summary Offences Act.
M.V.R.T.A. Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act.
M.V.R.T.R. Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations.
M.V.I.A. Motor Vehicles Insurance Act.




S.O.A. Sect.52
You must not be drunk on the street.
S.O.A. Sect.67
You must not wilfully obstruct the free passage in any street.
S.O.A. Sect.67
Throw or leave on any street any bottle, glass or any other sharp pointed article likely to cause injury or damage to passengers or animals or to the tyres of vehicles.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 48
You must not proceed across the current flow of traffic against a traffic signal given by any police officer on point duty or impede any vehicle from proceeding in the direction indicated.




M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 76(1)
Carry more than one person unless the cycle is constructed to carry more than one.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 77(1)
Ride more than two abreast.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 77(2)(a)
Hold on to any moving vehicle
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 77(2)(b)
Ride without at least one hand being on the handle bar.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 54
Ride under the influence of drink or a drug.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 52
Ride recklessly or at a speed or in a manner dangerous to the public.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 53
Ride without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 57
Ride upon any footpath or pavement.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 33(1)
Ride without a bell capable of giving audible and sufficient warning of approach.




M.V.R.T.R. Sect. 34(1)C
At night a white light is showing to the front and red light to the rear and an efficient red reflector
M.V.R.T.R. Sect. 33(3)
Your cycle has efficient brakes.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect. 37
Note: - It is an offence for a parent or guardian to allow a child or young person below the age of 16 years to ride a bicycle which does not comply with the above precision (10 & 11).




M.V.R.T.R. Sect. 38(5)1
Keep to the left of the road unless prevented by some sufficient cause.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 64(8)B
Comply with the direction of all road signals.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 64(8)A
Conform to rule of the road in regard to all kind of traffic and must stop at the request of a police officer in uniform.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect. 38(8)
Make proper signal when about to slow down or stop or when about to turn right or left.




M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 43(1)
When riding a motor cycle or carrying a passenger both must wear an approved safety helmet.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 42(3)
You must carry an ā€œLā€ plate in front and behind of the motor cycle when learning to ride. No Pillion riders are allowed.




M.V.R.T.A. Sect.12(1)
Your vehicle must be registered.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect.21
Your vehicle must be licensed.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect.42(1)
You must be the holder of a driving permit valid for the class of vehicle you intend to drive.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect.56(1)
You must have on your person or in the motor vehicle your driving permit.
M.V.R.T.I.A. Sect.20 (1)
A person who drives or is in charge of a motor vehicle on any road shall have either on his person or in the motor vehicle his Certificate of Insurance for production to police.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.49
No musical instrument shall be played, no noisy instrument shall be played or operated in any motor vehicle whilst in motion, without the written permission from the Licensing Authority.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect.70 (1)
You must not be under the influence of drink or drugs, you can be arrested without warrant. Note : - on first conviction you are liable to a fine of $2,000.00 or imprisonment for six months and shall be disqualified for twelve months or more. Second conviction you are liable to a fine of $4,000.00 or twelve months; and disqualified permanently
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.28 (f)1
See that your brakes and steering are in good working order and properly adjusted.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.28 (1)
The condition of your vehicle and of any trailer it may be drawing and of all parts and accessories is such that no danger is likely to be caused to yourself or others.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.28 (j)
Your silencer is efficient.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.28 (k)
Your vehicle has lights and reflectors which comply with the regulations (no unauthorised lights).
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38 (12)1
Your horn is in working order a type approved by the Licensing Authority (No musical horn).
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38 (13)
Fumes and smoke are not emitted.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38 (15)
No load shall project on either side of a motor vehicle for more than 300 millimetres beyond the plain of the wheels or trailer, nor shall project more than 1.5 metres in front and behind.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect. 40
Your vehicle has a rear view mirror so fitted that you can see traffic behind you.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.42
In case of a goods vehicle, your load must be properly secured to prevent displacement.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.43
Your vehicle is not excessively noisy to cause annoyance to any person. Note: - Your vehicle licence will be suspended for noisy muffler.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 44(1)
You must not have defective tyres.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 23
Your vehicle must not be painted in the colour or combinations of colours used by the Trinidad and Tobago Protective Services.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 23(1)(d)
Your vehicle windshield and glass must not be so tinted, treated or darkened so as to obscure the view of the inside from outside.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 28(m)
See the front and rear lamps are alight at nights and your rear number plate is illuminated.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 28 Rule 2
Be in such a position that you can exercise proper control over your vehicle and retain full view at all times of the road and traffic ahead.
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 9
Conform to rules of the road in regard to all kinds of traffic and comply with direction of any Police Officer regulating traffic
M.V.R.T.R. Reg. 14
Stop when required to do so by a Transport Officer or Police Officer.


To turn right or left on a wide One Way Street (three lanes) signal with your hand or flashing indicators and position your vehicle well before you get to the junction as shown in Fig. (10).

Figure 10


M.V.R.T.A. 48-50 Sect. 62(1)
Observe speed limits or any speed limit to which your type of vehicle is subjected.




M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 71(1)
Drive recklessly or at a speed or in manner which is dangerous to the public.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 72
Drive without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other road users.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 74(1)(a)
Use a vehicle without the consent of the owner
M.V.R.T.A. Sect. 75
Without the knowledge or permission of the owner interfere with or attempt to interfere with the levers, starter, brake or machinery of a vehicle.
M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule (1)

Travel backwards for a greater distance or time that may requisite for the safety of occupants or other traffic. In Port-of-Spain and San Fernando you must not reverse around a corner.

M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule 5(3
Overtake other traffic unless you have a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead and can overtake and get back to the left before meeting oncoming traffic.
M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule 5(6)
Overtake when rounding a corner , or at an intersection, on the brow of a Hill or over a hump ā€“ back bridge
M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule 5(10)
Park your vehicle within a distance of 9 metres from any corner or road intersection.
M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule 5(12)
Leave a motor vehicle standing within three metres of a fire hydrant.
M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule 11
Draw up alongside another vehicle.
M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule 6

Negligently or wilfully prevent, hinder or interrupt the free passage of any vehicle, person or animal or allow any vehicle to stand in any road so as to cause unnecessary obstruction.

M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 57
Drive any vehicle on any pavement or footpath.
M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule 11
Leave any Motor Vehicle drawn up on any public road for an undue length of time.
M.V.R.T.A. Reg. 38 Rule 12(1)
Sound your horn unnecessarily or when your vehicle is stationary.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38(12)2
Sound your horn at night between the hours of 9 p.m. to 5.30 a.m. in the City of Port-of-Spain, Boroughs of San Fernando and Arima.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38(16)
Allow any Motor Vehicle to be over crowded with persons.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38(17)
Allow any person to be conveyed on goods vehicle or trailer unless seated, nor to be carried in such a position that danger is caused or likely to be caused to any person.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38(18)

Leave on any public road a Motor Vehicle which has broken down without taking the requisite steps to indicate its presence by lighting and taking immediate steps to have it removed as near to the left of the road as possible.

M.V.R.T.R. Sect.76
If driving a taxi you must not use a horn or other instrument for the purpose of calling passengers.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.22(1)
It is illegal to carry passengers in a "T" Goods vehicle without the permission of the Licensing Authority.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38(3)
Before quitting the vehicle, stop the engine and apply the brakes.
M.V.R.T.R. Sect.38(11)
Draw up as close as possible to the side of the road.
M.V.R.T.A. Sect.56(2) and (3)

When required by a Police Officer or Transport Officer in uniform to produce your driving permit or provisional permit for examination you must do so or you are liable to a fine of five hundred dollars.

M.V.R.T.A. Sect.79(1)
If involved in an accident which causes damage or injury to person, vehicles or property or any animal not in your vehicle. You must stop, take the injured to the nearest doctor or hospital, give your name and address to interested persons and report to the nearest Police Station or to a constable in uniform immediately.