Frequently Asked Questions

What is TTRegs?

TTRegs is a website where you can do any of the following:

  • Read the Trinidad and Tobago Highway Code (Online)
  • Study for the Trinidad and Tobago Driving Regulation Test (Exam Preparation Guide, Road Signs and Hand Signals)
  • Take several types of Practice Tests (Online)
  • Print the Driving Regulations Documents


Do I need to pay to use TTRegs?

No, the use of TTRegs is completely free to all users.



Do I need to Sign Up to use TTRegs?

You do not need to sign up to use most of the features on However, you must sign up in order to take practice tests.



TTRegs is a very professional and useful website, why is it free to use?

TTRegs was created as a service to the citizens and future drivers of Trinidad and Tobago and should be available to everyone at no cost.



Why do I have to sign up to take practice tests on TTRegs?

Signing up is the only way TTRegs can identify each unique user and display your test history.



Why do I need an email address to sign up?

A valid email address is required to sign up in order for TTRegs to validate your account and ensure that you are a legitimate user. It would also be used to reset your password if the need arises.



I don’t have an email address, can I still sign up?

You must have an email address to sign up, you can easily create a free Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email address for yourself.



I like TTRegs and would like to contribute to help keep it running, how can I help?

Please contact us and let us know your intention, we do have sponsorship opportunities.