The Highway Code


  1. The term “Vehicle” includes carriages, wagons, carts, motor vehicles, bicycles, tricycles, vans, hand carts, sledges, trucks, barrows or any other machines for the portage of goods or persons. (This includes Roller Skates and Skate Boards). The owners or person in charge of, tricycles, hand carts, sledges, barrows, etc., are required to obey all traffic laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

  2. Do not let your dog stray. When you take it for a walk, or when it is in your car, keep it under control.

  3. Make sure that the road is clear before you let or take animals on to the road.

  4. If you are riding a horse keep to the left.

  5. When leading an animal in the road always place yourself between it and the traffic, and keep the animal to the edge of the road.

  6. If you are herding animals along the road and there is someone with you send him on ahead to warn traffic at danger points such as bends, brow of a hill, and carry a light after sunset.

  7. Do not allow your cattle to stray. They can be impounded. The term “Cattle” includes, cow, goat, sheep, swine – M.V.R.T.R., section 56(7) 48-50.

  8. Do not tether your cattle with a rope that is too long that it can reach the road.

  9. Learn the meaning of road signs.

  10. Do not chase your ball or playmate on the road.

  11. It is the parents responsibility to teach their children road-safety habits, set them a good example at all times.

  12. Do not send children on errands if they have to cross busy streets.

  13. No person shall wilfully drive, ride, draw or propel a vehicle or ride an animal upon any footpath or pavement by the side of any road made or set apart for the use or accommodation of pedestrians. M.V.R.T.R., Regulation 57 48-50